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Products - Garden, Gourmet, Home Decor, Accessories and Seasonal

Garden Products:
Th garden section has everything from bird feeders, bird house and figurines, yard art, garden art, tools, gloves, chimes, pots, greenery, flowers, planters, bistro sets, too many items to mention!

Garden lines we carry:
Advice from T-shirts 
Amscan Garden Décor 
Evergreen Garden Décor
Wisconsin Made Birdhouses

Gourmet Products:
Our gourmet sections had Savoring Thyme's own private label mustard's, salsas, jams, jellies, salad dressing and pasta sauces.  These fabulous products go with our pastas, soups, cobblers, dips, teas and coffee!  These make great gift basket items. 

Gourmet food lines we carry: Gourmet product lines we carry:
*Abdallah Chocolates *Amscan
*Aspen Mulling Spices *Caspari
*Door County Coffee *Certified International *Frontier Soups *Clay in Motion *Gourmet du Village *Design Imports Textiles *Pasta Partners Dips/Pasta/Desserts                     *E-Cloth
*Tea Forte Teas                                                     
*RSVP gadgets
*Schott-Zweisel Glasses

*Savoring Thyme Private Label - dressings, jams, salsas, mushrooms, rubs, and the famous Pub Mustards!!

 We also have all the table top items, gourmet gadgets, mugs, teapots, wine glasses and more. 

Home Products
The home section covers products like; candles, frames, rugs, home scenting systems,  lamps, clocks, wine accessories and racks, wall art, sconces, jewelry and clothing, handbags and scarves, books and cards.

Home product lines we carry:
Amscan home décor
Evergreen Home Décor 
Habersham Wax Bowls
Lampe Berger scenting system
Lindsay Phillips Switchflops

Noelle clothing, plus many new clothing lines
Silverforest earrings
Wisconsin made Amish baskets & rugs
Woodwick candles

Seasonal Products:
Savoring Thyme is changing with every season.  Spring, Fall and Christmas are celebrated with an Open House to show off our irresistible finds.  We always have beautiful new decor to decorate your home for each holiday.....just like my mom does! 

 Savoring Thyme is a must stop when visiting West Bend or for that perfect gift for any occasion!!  Stop for a minute, spend an hour...

Can't make it into the store and need a gift?  We can take orders over the phone & ship the next business day!

Need help finding a gift - let one of our experienced staff help!!

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